Denyro Best of Classic Game

Posted 1 month ago

At the beginning we would like to announce, that this kind of server is not old-school or new school. It is quite clear server which has been done for people, whom custom addons have simply overeat. The main question, which are you probably holding in your mind sounds: "Why should I really play it?". You have got answer in previous sentence, if you still do not get the answer, keep reading! I dare you, that you probably did not play clean server from a long time... Server is pretty 1:1 to iSRO, but the rates are different so the gameplay with be a bit faster not that really fast as 300x rates. The main fun of Silkroad is when you are experiencing your character starting at first level, ending at 120. Meanwhile, you participate in events, play with other players. Try to answer yourself for real: "What is goal of playing 24/7 with bot?". If you are thinking that you play to be "krallest" gamer, then you are wrong. These kinds of people are highly disliked here.